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Date: August 12th 2013


just a reminder that there's Ultimate/Goaltimate on turf tonight at Burnaby Lake Sports Complex West - Field #4, 8-10pm. If you're at a grass field at Burnaby Lake you're at the wrong place, it's the turf fields west of Kensington. #4 is one of the lower two fields, near the parking lot.

Also, I will NOT be at Ultimate on Wednesday (turnout has been good, we've been playing full field Ultimate the last 3 weeks). Since I won't be there, I'm hoping someone will volunteer to setup the field (I can supply cones). If someone wants to step up, just let me know.

If you ordered part of the Discraft bulk order, I'll have the discs this week. You should be able to pick them up at any of the following events, but please give me a heads up as I don't usually bring out the discs that have been pre-sold unless I'm expecting you to be there. I also should be able to accept credit card payments through Square on my phone if you don't have cash at the time.

- Robert Burnaby Club Round: Aug 15, 5:30-8ish (I'll be on the course, if you're not participating you'll want to arrive at the end of things rather than the middle)
- Robert Burnaby Summer Series #3: Aug 17, 10ish-6ish (again I'll be on course, so try to hit the beginning, lunch or the end)
- Discraft Ace Race 2013: Aug 18, 10-3:30ish
- Monday Ultimate: Aug 19, 8-10pm
- Wednesday Ultimate: Aug 21, 6:30-8:30pm (last one of the year)

Or contact me to make other arrangements.


I will be getting the permit tomorrow, so expect details later in the week, I'll announce the date/times as soon as I can.


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