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Date: July 30th 2013


lots of updates and information, please at least scan the headings.

Discraft Discounted Bulk Order

Just like last year, as part of the Ace Race, Discraft is letting us order up to 200 discs at wholesale prices. We'll be taking advantage of that and ordering some discs, but if there's something that you want, and you tell us by midnight on July 31st, we'll add it to our order and you'll get the best prices you're likely to see on this stuff. Feel free to distribute widely. Be sure to indicate which discs/plastics/weights you want, we can ask for colours but we can't guarantee them. Also indicate if you're willing to accept lighter or heavier discs (or difference plastics), as the offer is limited to what Discraft currently has in stock and your first choice might not be available.

Prices are as follows:

  • 175g Ultra-Star $8 (White, Black, Yellow, Orange, Bright Red, Royal Blue, Light Blue, Dark Red)
  • 175g Ultra-Star $9 (Nite-Glow or Blue Sparkle)
  • 175g Ultra-Star $10 (Ultra-Violet)
  • 160g Sky-Styler $7 freestyle disc (White, Yellow, Light Blue, Orange)
  • 145g J*Star $7 juniors ultimate disc (White, Steel Blue, Red)

Prices include all shipping and taxes for orders which are picked up at Robert Burnaby. Order 4+ discs and save $0.25/disc, 10+ $0.35/disc, 25+ $0.50/disc.

  • Z Glo $16 (Avenger SS, Buzzz, Comet, Meteor, Nuke, Nuke SS, Stalker, Zombee)
  • SuperCOLOR $16 (Spectra, Buzzz)
  • X Line $10 (Avenger, Buzzz, Comet, Cyclone, Nuke, Soft Putt'r, Soft APX, Soft Banger GT, Soft Challenger, Soft Focus, Stratus, Wildcat, XL, Xpress, XS)
  • Z Line $14 (Avenger, Avenger SS, Buzzz, Buzzz SS, Comet, Crush, Drone, Flash, Flick, Force, Glide, Hornet, Meteor, Nuke, Nuke OS, Nuke SS, Predator, Stalker, Surge, Surge SS, Tracker, Wasp, XL, XPress, XS, Zombee)
  • Z Line Fly Dye $16 (Avenger, Avenger SS, Buzzz, Buzzz SS, Comet, Crush, Flash, Flick, Force, Glide, Hornet, Meteor, Nuke, Nuke OS, Nuke SS, Predator, Stalker, Surge, Surge SS, Tracker, Wasp, XL, Xpress, XS, Zombee)
  • ESP $15 (Avenger, Avenger SS, Buzzz, Comet, Crush, Cyclone, Flash, Force, Impact, Meteor, Nuke, Predator, Pulse, Surge, XL, Zone)
  • FLX ESP $15 (FLX Avenger, FLX Avenger SS, FLX Buzzz, FLX Challenger, FLX Drone, FLX Nuke, FLX Nuke SS, FLX Predator, FLX Surge, FLX Surge SS, FLX XL)
  • Titanium Line $16 (USADGC Avenger SS, Nate Doss Buzzz, DGLO Drone, Nate Doss Force, Nate Doss Nuie, Memorial Nuke SS)
  • D Line $8 (Avenger, Avenger SS, Banger GT, Buzzz, Challenger, Crush, Cyclone, Drone, Eclipse, Focus, Force, Hawk, Magnet, Nuke, Rattler, Ringer, Soft Magnet, Stratus, Surge, XL, Zone)

Ultimate This Summer

So we've been playing pick-up since late April, numbers aren't great, but we'll keep going. Here's the breakdown:


Ongoing until Aug 21st, everyone welcome, Confederation Park 6:30-8:30pm.


Starting August 12th, 8-10pm at Burnaby Lake Sports Complex West Field #4, this should transition into our Fall Season (I'll have Fall permits next week, so expect an announcement then)

Other Nights

We don't have fields on any other nights at this time, but we had reasonable success with Fridays last year. So if there's a night that works better for you and that would bring you out, I want to hear about it.

Ace Race August 18th (and 17th)

You can now register online for the Ace Race, if you do so by midnight July 31st, you get our best most discounted price. This year the players package is really good, you get:

  • 2 x Titanium prototype drivers (beginner friendly distance driver this year we're told)
  • 1 x Titanium mini Magnet (never before produced)
  • 2 x reusable scorecards/bag tags (they are different from each other, watch the video for details)
  • 2 x high impact plastic pint glasses
  • 1 x beverage koozie
  • 1 x tri-panel Discraft sticker (includes the Buzzz logo)

Keep in mind the following details:

  • The players package is worth more than the entry fee
  • The price things are at when you pre-register is the price you pay (even if you pay later), so register early and save
  • You can get a players package even if you can't attend the event, we'll even mail it to you (for a fee, if you're not local)
  • The Ace Race is suitable for all ages, and groups can be as large as 8 people, and since you're only throwing once per hole there's no reason a whole family can't play together!
  • We'll have players packages available on the 17th after the Robert Burnaby Summer Series #3, and if you can't make it out on the 18th, you'll be able to play the course in the late afternoon/early evening on Saturday.
  • The grand prize is worth ~$150, usually a bag and 8 discs

More information at BurnabyUltimate.ca.

Robert Burnaby Summer Series #3: August 17th

This summer we'll be running monthly events at Robert Burnaby. The events are beginner and junior friendly. It's a great opportunity to play in your first tournament. Play for as little as $5 for club members, or even less if you only want to play for tags. Full details are available on the website: http://burnabyultimate.ca/2013/06/robert-burnaby-summer-series-details/

The next event will be TD'd by Bill, and is on August 17th.

Prizes at the Summer Series

Amateurs are getting prizes and pros are getting cash. We are however running a low cost event, which means that the prize pool for the divisions is lower. That means that the value of what people win will be less. This presents a problem and an opportunity.

The problem is how do we give people prizes they want when the value of what they might win could be as low as $5?

The opportunity is for club members to unload some of their extra new or used plastic. If you decide you want to participate, you'll need to decide what discs you want to incldue and how much you want to charge for them (you don't need to only include your value discs). If your discs are claimed as prizes you will receive cash compensation for them equivalent to your asking price (unless you decide to donate partial proceeds back to the club). Likewise if someone wants to buy your disc (not as a prize) you'll receive full cash compensation there as well.

I have a fresh supply of new discs that will be in the prize pool, which include Innova, Discraft, Prodigy and Gateway (we'll be adding MVP at the next event). There's a reasonable selection of glow plastic as well.

Draw for a Disc Golf Basket

We'll be doing a draw for a Disc Golf Basket (the one available at Costco), only 300 tickets available. Second place is 2 discs, third place is 1 disc. If you're interested in getting a ticket, or hawking some tickets, let me know. 1 for $2, 3 for $5, 7 for $10, 15 for $20, the draw will take place in August at either the RB Monthly or at the Ace Race, or sooner if all tickets are sold before then.

So Costco has discounted the basket to $39.97, so our grand prize isn't worth enough. 1st place is now: a basket and 2 discs or 4 discs; 2nd place is the basket if 1st place opts for 4 discs, otherwise it's still 2 discs. The draw will be at the end of the day on August 18th, regardless of how many tickets are sold.


We're running doubles on Tuesday nights through the summer starting at 6pm. At the moment doubles has a fixed course, and loose organization. We would like to ask that one person officially take on the role of coordinating doubles. You don't necessarily need to be there, but you would be the authority on course changes, changes to the size of the ace pot, change in starting time, etc... So mostly this is making sure that we have one person who "speaks" for doubles and who can receive reports about how many people were in attendance (if they themselves didn't attend). If this is something that you'd be willing to do for the club let me know.


Malcolm is managing Thursday club rounds, but we're looking to see if there's someone who's interested in taking on a similar role for Saturday club rounds. If you would be interested or have questions about what's involved, let me know.

Club Money

If you are currently holding on to some money for the club that you weren't sure who to give to, or just haven't had a chance to hand it over yet, please bring it to the RB Monthly and/or let me know about it. We want to make sure that we're properly accounting for all the money that has been collected, and that we know where it is. Your help is appreciated.

Gold Club Discs from the BCDSS

There was a forum thread started to help decide what to do with the 50 discs which we received in recognition of our Gold Club status (50+ members), subsequent to that posting a meeting took place during a Club Round on a Thursday night, where discussions took place. This forum thread includes that information: http://discbc.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=31&t=6865&p=10508

The thread includes a complete listing of all 50 discs. Here's what the current plan is (subject to change):

So we had an informal club meeting several weeks ago on short notice. The determination at the meeting was that the majority of people in attendance want the discs themselves rather than using them for prizes or other growth or club enhancement activities.

The main suggestion is that discs would be allotted by "draw" to members who renew their membership by August 18th. So to be in the draw you would need to renew your membership by the end of day at the Ace Race. Here's the relevant conditions:

  1. You were a member of the Burnaby Disc Golf Club in 2012/2013
  2. You renewed as a Burnaby Disc Golf Club for 2013/2014 by August 18th
  3. We will draw the names out of a hat to determine the disc selection order
  4. We will do the actual disc selection at the final RB Summer Series event in September
  5. When it is your turn, you will get the option of selecting one of the discs available and keeping it, or donating your selection to the club

If more than 50 members renew by August 18th, we'll figure something out for the extra members, otherwise the additional discs will revert to the club to be used as the club sees fit.

Since not everyone would have had an opportunity to attend the meeting since it was called on short notice, we'll consider the above "The Plan" and subject to change should their be a lot of disagreement about it. Feel free to voice any disagreement publicly here, or you can email me privately (burnaby@bcdss.bc.ca).

p.s. all of the DX White Aviars listed above are actually GLOW Aviars

p.p.s. you can renew online when signing up for the Ace Race (for only $8 instead of the regular $10), separate club renewal form for the regular $10 will be available shortly. http://burnabyultimate.ca/2013/07/ace-r ... 18-and-17/

Gold Club Minis from the BCDSS

There was a forum thread started to help decide what to do with the 50 minis which we received in recognition of our Gold Club status (50+ members), subsequent to that posting a meeting took place during a Club Round on a Thursday night, where discussions took place. This forum thread includes that information: http://discbc.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=31&t=6866&p=10509

The thread includes a complete listing of all 50 minis. Here's what the current plan is (subject to change):

At the same meeting where we discussed what to do with the club discs, we discussed the minis. As I recall, people were less concerned with the minis, and considered various options, without coming to a final decision. The options I recall included:

  • Getting a mini with a disc as part of the plan for distributing the club discs
  • Using the minis for members who don't receive a disc (more than 50 renew, or new members)
  • Using them as prizes

If people have opinions on this, please share them. If no one feels strongly enough to post an opinion, I'll make a command decision after we see how many people renew their membership by August 18th.

Gold Club TAGS from the BCDSS

There was a forum thread started to help decide what to do with the 50 tags which we received in recognition of our Gold Club status (50+ members), subsequent to that posting a meeting took place during a Club Round on a Thursday night, where discussions took place. This forum thread includes that information: http://discbc.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=31&t=6867&p=10511

Here's an excerpt from the thread:

Tags were discussed at length at the aforementioned club meeting (previous threads), some decisions were made, but there are still some outstanding issues to be determined. Here's where we had consensus:

  • There will be separate BDGC tags, these will require that you are in fact a Burnaby Disc Golf Club member in order to acquire (once you are no longer a member, you'll need to return the tag)
  • The Robert Burnaby tags will continue to exist and be handled outside the club, club membership will continue not to be required for acquisition of those tags
  • Everyone who renews their membership for 2013/2014 will receive a BDGC Tag as part of their renewal
  • New members in 2014 will receive a BDGC Tag as part of their reward

The actual design of the tag has yet to be finalized, but hopefully will be shortly. If anyone feels strongly about the tag design or wants to contribute one, let me know.

Regardless of the tag design, the intention is to offer two tags (same image, different text) they will be:

  1. Regular numbered tag 1 though ?
  2. Non-number "Member 2013/14" tags - the intent here is for people who don't intend to play their tag ever to be able to receive a tag without diluting the number pool, e.g. my 6 month old daughter is a club member, but she won't be playing a tag for a few years yet, so she can get a member tag instead without taking a number out of circulation (thus helping to keep more lower number tags in play more often). Also the member tags would be yours to keep (since they have expiry dates) if you don't renew next year

If someone wants both tags they'd be able to buy the second one.

Thank you for reading to the end.



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