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Date: June 14th 2013


lots of updates and information, please at least scan the headings.

Art Hawkins Great Canadian Ultimate Game

We're on the schedule, but I didn't realize we were on thes schedule, we were unable to secure a field for the 11pm-midnight time slot we were assigned, so we will not be playing this year. If you want to participate you can play on the North Shore from 10-11pm or tomorrow in Vancouver.

Customs and Importing

Does anyone have expertise with importing into Canada, work in customs or know someone who works as a customs broker? The club is going to be buying a bunch of stuff that we'll be importing and I'm hoping to streamline the process as much as possible. Information on good or bad experiences would also be helpful.

Ultimate This Summer

So we've been playing pick-up since late April, numbers aren't great, but we'll keep going. Here's the breakdown:


We're usually playing Goaltimate at Kensington #5, need at least a few more committed people before we'd be playing Ultimate regularly. So far definitely not enough for more than 2 teams worth.


Better numbers generally, but they fluctuate widely. It's a great field, great location, great view. Ultimate and Goaltimate seem to happen with equal frequency. Lots of other park users, so it's great for visibility (although sometimes they seem a little oblivious). There's enough people, just need a little more commitment in order to be playing 7 on 7 with subs every week.


Numbers don't merit continuing Sundays. If you are interested in playing Sundays still, or starting to play on Sundays, send me an email, and if the numbers justify it we'll bring it back.

Other Nights

We don't have fields on any other nights at this time, but we had reasonable success with Fridays last year. So if there's a night that works better for you and that would bring you out, I want to hear about it.

Robert Burnaby Summer Series (Disc Golf) Starts this Saturday

This summer we'll be running monthly events at Robert Burnaby. The events are beginner and junior friendly. It's a great opportunity to play in your first tournament. Full details are available on the website: http://burnabyultimate.ca/2013/06/robert-burnaby-summer-series-details/

BBQ for Saturday (June 14)

It would be nice to have a BBQ at the RB Monthly on Saturday. I have a BBQ, but will be unable to bring it due to a lack of space (with the other tournament supplies I need to bring). So if anyone either has a BBQ that they could bring, or is interested in helping transport mine, we can have a BBQ at the event.

RB Monthly Setup

I will be flagging the teepads on Friday evening, so you're welcome to come and check out the layout at that time. Saturday morning we will need to ensure that the pads are properly colour coded as pro/advanced (Blue), Intermediate (White/Yellow), Recreational/Novice/Junior (Red/Orange). So if anyone wants to help with that let me know.

RB Monthly Registration

This is the first one, and we didn't do lots of promotion or lots of advance notice, so it's hard to say how overwhelming registration will be. That said, it's always easier if there's a couple of people helping out. So if you're willing to help out with registration that would be great.

Prizes at the Summer Series

Amateurs are getting prizes and pros are getting cash. We are however running a low cost event, which means that the prize pool for the divisions is lower. That means that the value of what people win will be less. This presents a problem and an opportunity.

The problem is how do we give people prizes they want when the value of what they might win could be as low as $5?

The opportunity is for club members to unload some of their extra new or used plastic. If you decide you want to participate, you'll need to decide what discs you want to incldue and how much you want to charge for them (you don't need to only include your value discs). If your discs are claimed as prizes you will receive cash compensation for them equivalent to your asking price (unless you decide to donate partial proceeds back to the club). Likewise if someone wants to buy your disc (not as a prize) you'll receive full cash compensation there as well.

I have a fresh supply of new discs that will be in the prize pool, which include Innova, Discraft, Prodigy and Gateway (we'll be adding MVP at the next event). There's a reasonable selection of glow plastic as well.

Draw for a Disc Golf Basket

We'll be doing a draw for a Disc Golf Basket (the one available at Costco), only 300 tickets available. Second place is 2 discs, third place is 1 disc. If you're interested in getting a ticket, or hawking some tickets, let me know. 1 for $2, 3 for $5, 7 for $10, 15 for $20, the draw will take place in August at either the RB Monthly or at the Ace Race, or sooner if all tickets are sold before then.


We're running doubles on Tuesday nights through the summer starting at 6pm. At the moment doubles has a fixed course, and loose organization. We would like to ask that one person officially take on the role of coordinating doubles. You don't necessarily need to be there, but you would be the authority on course changes, changes to the size of the ace pot, change in starting time, etc... So mostly this is making sure that we have one person who "speaks" for doubles and who can receive reports about how many people were in attendance (if they themselves didn't attend). If this is something that you'd be willing to do for the club let me know.


Malcolm is managing Thursday club rounds, but we're looking to see if there's someone who's interested in taking on a similar role for Saturday club rounds. If you would be interested or have questions about what's involved, let me know.

Club Money

If you are currently holding on to some money for the club that you weren't sure who to give to, or just haven't had a chance to hand it over yet, please bring it to the RB Monthly and/or let me know about it. We want to make sure that we're properly accounting for all the money that has been collected, and that we know where it is. Your help is appreciated.

Do you want to TD one of the Monthly's?

I committed to TD'ing one of the events, which it turns out will be the first one, but I'm happy to let other people in on the fun. IF you'd like to maybe TD or co-TD one of the future events, either using the same course and format or a different layout or format let me know.

Thank you for reading to the end. If you have items for the club meeting agenda, please do let me know.



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