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Date: September 3rd 2012

No Ultimate => Disc Golf at Robert Burnaby DGC 2-4pm

We have no field today, so it's a bit of a forced vacation today. That said, last week we had about 30 people out playing Ultimate, and some of them were looking for something to do today... the result: Disc Golf at Robert Burnaby Disc Golf Course!

Never played before? Don't worry, no experience necessary, this is just a fun round or two.

Can I bring other people? Sure, bring whoever you want.

Does it cost anything? Nope, like pretty much all casual Disc Golf, all you need to do is show up and play the free course.

But I have a family! Congratulations, now you have the opportunity to introduce them all to Disc Golf! There's no reason you can't bring them all out. If your kids are small enough to need strollers you're going to want a jogging or off-road stroller as there are no paved paths on the course.

But I have no golf discs! That's okay BUDS has loaner discs, and I also have a trunk full of discs you can buy if you like it. You can even play with an Ultimate disc or any old flying disc. It's not as good from a technique perspective but you can still learn the basics of the game. You'll need at least one disc per/person.

Where is this supposed Disc Golf Course? It's at the bottom of Hill Ave in Burnaby, right next to the freeway, in Robert Burnaby Park (near the off-leash dog park). Bigger landmarks that might help you find it: near Cariboo high school; near Edmonds and Canada Way. (http://goo.gl/maps/8rTNV)

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So I'm going to be at the course at least between 2-4pm, there's a good chance I'll be a little early and stay potentially quite late. There will be some experienced golfers there, so there will be opportunities for clinics or instruction for those who want some.

If you can't make it during the time slot but want to come out, shoot me an email until noon today and we can potentially make other arrangements. After that, you'll need to call me on my cell: 604.671.2107 (or walk around the course when you get there, it's not that big).

If you arrive late and need to borrow discs, the discs can be returned at Ultimate in the coming weeks.

Fall League: Byrne Creek Monday nights 8-10pm

We're back at Byrne Creek on Monday nights! I have the permits in hand, we've got Byrne Creek from 8-10pm on Monday nights for 17 consecutive weeks (until Dec 31). Registration details and such should be out this week, but if for some reason they aren't just show up September 10th at 7:45pm.

Nationals 2013 Anyone? They're in Vancouver

So for those of you who haven't heard, Nationals are in Vancouver next summer. This is at least a little bit of a surprise, given that they were in Victoria this year (just a few weeks back). Surprise or not, we should take advantage of this and see if we can't put one or more Burnaby teams together for regionals and if we do well enough Nationals.

In the short term, we probably shouldn't worry too much about what type of team (Open, Women's, Junior, Masters) and should just focus on who might be willing to make a commitment to try to be on such a team.

My current thinking is that if there are interested people, that we should try to meet an hour early for Fall (e.g. at 7pm on Mondays) and do some cardio and drills on the track and the end of the fields before playing for a couple of hours each week. If numbers allow, we'll be able to invite various higher calibre teams to come and play us at Byrne Creek over the course of the Fall Season (beside regular Fall League) and hopefully be able to elevate our game to the point where we can compete at Nationals.

I'm open to other suggestions for training/practicing. But in the short term, let me know if you're interested and we'll see if we can get critical mass. If there's a lot of support we may meet as early as next Monday to start training.

Burnaby Disc Golf Club meeting this Wednesday 7pm

There will be a meeting this Wednesday at 7pm of the current members of the Burnaby Disc Golf Club (which is part of BUDS). Over the past couple of years the Club has raised money through events (mostly through weekly doubles and club nights) and is meeting to discuss what to do with the money, general club priorities, course maintenance and more. Membership in the club is not required to attend the meeting (but obviously is encouraged). Here's some more information from Brent Burbee (who coordinates the club):

Hi Everyone,

Next Wednesday, September 5th, there will be a Burnaby Disc Golf Club meeting.

Everyone is welcome, so please bring/tell people about it who aren’t on this e-mail list. Unfortunately I don’t have as many e-mails as Boomer.

Even if you’re not a club member, but play at the park, please come.

Topics of discussion will be why membership is good for you/the park, what funds the club has raised, what we’re going to do with them, upcoming events at Robert Burnaby, and more.

The meeting will start at 7pm, to give people time to eat beforehand, and hopefully last no more than 1.5 hours.

We don’t have a meeting place yet. If anyone has a suggestion, please pitch it. Ideally it will be somewhere in Burnaby or maybe New West. As soon as it is decided, I will send another e-mail out to let you all know. 

Thanks everyone, for supporting the club this summer through Doubles and Club Nights and in your own ways,


Once the location is firmed up, I'll send that out, but if you're thinking of attending feel free to let me know and I can keep you in the loop directly.

Summer 2013 Ultimate

There's a lot of work to be done for next Summer, not the least of which is deciding what type of Ultimate we want to offer.

I am intending to take a back seat when it comes to making those sorts of decisions for next year, and instead, I'm hoping to get a small group of individuals (or one crazy individual) to take on the planning and implementation for next summer. I'm a little distracted by getting things ready for Fall Ultimate, but you can expect to hear more about this idea in the coming month. In the mean time if it's something that you think you're interested in being a part of, start giving it some thought. Here are some important dates and considerations to use as starting points for your thinking:

  • October 31st: deadline for submitting tournament booking requests for April-August time period (should we want to arrange a tournament)
  • December 31st: deadline for submitting field booking requests for Summer 2013 (information must include a roster of players, with their home or work addresses with at least 60% being in Burnaby in order to get preferred rates; for turf that's the difference between $37.83/hr and $73.82/hr)
  • What do we want to offer: Ultimate, Goaltimate, 5v5 Ultimate (VUL turf style), something else?
  • What gender ratios do we offer/enforce: 4/3 or 3/4, Open (no gender ratios), 5/2, something else?
  • What days and/or nights do we want to play? Maple Ridge Ultimate has built a successful 8 team league by running pick-up/clinics on Thursday nights and games on Sunday afternoon/evenings (8-teams); Surrey Ultimate had a 10 team league this summer on Sunday afternoons...
  • What advertising/promotion do we want to do?
  • What do we want to include as part of registration? Some leagues include shirts/jerseys and/or discs.

So as you can see there's a lot to be considered, and it's time for some fresh ideas and new blood to see what they can do.

Some of you might be wondering, why now? Which is a reasonable question. On a lot of levels it's passed time that something like this should have happened. Now however, the level of interest in a rebuild and change is high enough, and additional forces make it the only sensible thing to do. In particular, there's a decent chance that I will be moving before next summer, quite likely outside of Burnaby (although probably not so far away that I'm unable to still participate in BUDS offerings). Additionally, we're expecting our first future disc sports enthusiast in the new year, which will obviously change priorities and time allocation significantly.

If you've got questions, or suggestions you can fire them my way (keeping in mind that there might be a delayed response due to the start of Fall League).

Discs for Sale

27 Aug 2012, Update: I've sold a lot of Ultimate and Disc Golf discs over the past week, so the list on the website is not currently accurate, but I will be updating it today, so it should be up to date in an hour or so.

If you haven't seen the post on the website about it, I've been cleaning out my storage locker and have an assortment of Ultimate discs, Disc Golf discs and assorted accessories that I'm selling. There are pictures of the discs, and a full listing: http://burnabyultimate.ca/2012/08/discs-for-sale/

Pretty much everything is going for $10. Let me know if you see something you want, some of it has been spoken for.

I will have the Ultimate discs out at the field tonight...

Masters Pickup Ultimate in Vancouver (Age 33+ by Dec 31, 2013)

So starting this Thursday (Aug 30th) there is Masters Pickup Ultimate at Winona Park in Vancouver. It starts at 5:30pm and goes until people get tired or it gets too dark. It's going to be a recuring weekly thing until they run out of daylight to make it viable (it's a grass field with no lights).

If you're interested you should check out the Facebook event: https://www.facebook.com/events/458388324182439/
I expect that's where you'll find the most up to date information. Also, please feel free to pass this along to people who might be interested.

Just for clarity, this is for Masters, which in Ultimate terms means people who are 33 or older, with a grace period granted to those people who turn 33 by the end of the year (e.g. born in 1979). I don't think they're probably going to be militant about it. Also, if they do go by the strict rules, women only need to be 30 (e.g. born in 1982) to qualify. Like I say, I think it's probably a combination of demographic and attitude that they are looking for, so if you've got a master's attitude and they don't still check your ID at the pub you're probably ok.

BUDS on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/burnabyultimate

If you're on Facebook and haven't liked Burnaby Ultimate & Disc Sports yet you might want to do so, it's often a faster way to get information. Also, you'll find updates about Ultimate in Canada, tournaments and other things which might be of interest but which don't make it into an actual email.

The other advantage of Facebook is that when you share or like BUDS posts the fact that you've done that is shared with your friends, which gives us increased exposure and reaches people we would not otherwise reach through the website or email.

BUDS on Twitter: @bbyulti

If you're on Twitter you might want to follow @bbyulti which gets the most timely updates with respect to field locations, game reminders and upcoming events. Again, you'll get updates and information which is not distributed by email, although it should be visible on the BUDS website for those of you who don't use Twitter or choose not to follow.

Burnaby Club Nights 2012 (Disc Golf)

If you're interested in getting in some Disc Golf this summer, there are a couple of organized options being run through BUDS by the Burnaby Disc Golf Club.

On Tuesday nights you can play doubles (Ace Pot currently $100), current start time is about 5:45pm.

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