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Date: August 20th 2012

Games are 8-10pm Tonight

Reminder for anyone who hasn't read it elsewhere, tonight we're at Burnaby Lake Sports Complex West - Field #4 from 8pm-10pm (instead of our normal 6:30-8:30). So no excuses for being late ;-) Also we may have some players from MRU (Maple Ridge Ultimate) joining us tonight...

Discs for Sale

If you haven't seen the post on the website about it, I've been cleaning out my storage locker and have an assortment of Ultimate discs, Disc Golf discs and assorted accessories that I'm selling. There are pictures of the discs, and a full listing: http://burnabyultimate.ca/2012/08/discs-for-sale/

Pretty much everything is going for $10. Let me know if you see something you want, some of it has been spoken for.

I will have the Ultimate discs out at the field tonight...

Fall League

I have asked for Mondays in the Fall, which is our historic go to night. I'm still waiting for confirmation of our allotment from the city. You'll know shortly afer I do, which should be in a couple of weeks.

20 Aug 2012: No update yet, still waiting to hear from the city, which is why there haven't been any additional announcements.

Babysitters Wanted?

At this point it doesn't appear as though there's enough interest to make this happen. If you're a parent and would like it revisisted in the future, please do bring it up. Otherwise, lobby the other parents who are playing (or better yet those who aren't playing) and we'll see about getting the critical mass necessary to make it viable.

For those lacking context, the idea here was to bring in someone to supervise children while their parents played Ultimate, so that the parents can focus on the game and not worry overmuch about their children. This would likely have involved a cost, and would have required someone that we brought in specifically for the purpose (volunteer, spouse, or child care professional [e.g. babysitter]). Given that many of our field locations are near schools, or other facilities with rentable rooms, the childcare might have been held indoors (especially in non-summer based offerings). That said, the actual final product would have been shaped by those using it.

BUDS on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/burnabyultimate

If you're on Facebook and haven't liked Burnaby Ultimate & Disc Sports yet you might want to do so, it's often a faster way to get information. Also, you'll find updates about Ultimate in Canada, tournaments and other things which might be of interest but which don't make it into an actual email.

The other advantage of Facebook is that when you share or like BUDS posts the fact that you've done that is shared with your friends, which gives us increased exposure and reaches people we would not otherwise reach through the website or email.

BUDS on Twitter: @bbyulti

If you're on Twitter you might want to follow @bbyulti which gets the most timely updates with respect to field locations, game reminders and upcoming events. Again, you'll get updates and information which is not distributed by email, although it should be visible on the BUDS website for those of you who don't use Twitter or choose not to follow.

Burnaby Club Nights 2012 (Disc Golf)

If you're interested in getting in some Disc Golf this summer, there are a couple of organized options being run through BUDS by the Burnaby Disc Golf Club.

On Tuesday nights you can play doubles (Ace Pot currently $100), current start time is about 5:45pm.

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