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:: [BUDS] 7:30-9pm tonight @ Bby Lake West #2, no Ultimate Olympics in Van tonight ::

Date: June 16th 2012

Art Hawkins Great Canadian Ultimate Game 7:30-9pm Burnaby Lake West - Field #2

Updates: the VUL had been intending to do some pre-events which would have conflicted with playing both in Burnaby and in North Shore, those events have been cancelled due to the weather. So if you were planning on going to the "Ultimate Olypics" you can now come and play in Burnaby instead ;-) If you're travelling by skytrain, it's a short walk to the field from Sperling-Burnaby Lake, and afterwards you can hop back on the train and take it to Andy Livingston for their game. Game score is currently Red: 204, White: 200

Plea: It actually is fun to play Ultimate in the rain, as long as one dresses appropriately. If you were thinking about coming out, please do, I'm concerned that with the unusual time and the weather that we're not going to have too many people so every body is going to count.

So this Saturday we're participating in the AHGCUG 2012, this is year 3 of the event, and our first year participating. This year there are 28 communities participating in the charity event all across the country, resulting in a 28 hour Ultimate game! Once again this year it's the Red team vs the White team (so bring both colours). The game is free to play, but you're welcome to make a donation should you choose, last year they raised ~$8,000. Tax receipts can be issued for donations of $20 or more.

All donations go to charity, with the winning team (Red or White) getting 60% and the other charity receiving 40% of the donations. The Red team will be representing Ultimate Peace while the White team will be representing the Boys & Girls Club of Canada.

Logistics: we have the field at Burnaby Lake West starting at 7:30pm, we'll set up and get started right at 8:00pm, taking the score from Prince George. We get to play until 8:58pm at which point we pass the score on to the North Shore. If you're feeling crazy, there are some people who are planning on following the game from Burnaby to the North Shore and then to Vancouver. If you're really keen you could event hit the game in Surrey on Friday night.

Here's the schedule (all times are EDT), Friday June 15-June 17th, 2012:

  • Yellowknife (NT) 10pm
  • Medecine Hat Ultimate (AB) 11pm
  • Chilliwack (BC) 12am
  • Kamloops (BC) 1am
  • Nanaimo (BC) 2am
  • Surrey (BC) 3am
  • PEI (PEI) 4:30am
  • St. John's (NL) 6am
  • Halifax (NS) 7am
  • Quebec (QC) 8am
  • Montreal (QC) 9am
  • Ottawa (ON) 10am
  • Oshawa (ON) 11am
  • Kingston (ON) 12pm
  • Toronto (ON) 1pm
  • Parry Sound (ON) 2pm
  • Thunder Bay (ON) 3pm
  • Winnipeg (MB) 4pm
  • Saskatoon (SK) 5pm
  • Moncton (NB) 6pm
  • Moose Jaw (SK) 7pm
  • Edmonton (AB) 8pm
  • Calgary (AB) 9pm
  • Prince George (BC) 10pm
  • Burnaby (BC) 11pm
  • North Shore (BC) 12am
  • Vancouver (BC) 1am
  • Victoria (BC) 2am

Or here it is in local time:

Friday June 15th

  • Yellowknife 8-9pm MDT
  • Medicine Hat Ultimate 9-10pm MDT
  • Chilliwack 9-10pm PDT
  • Kamloops 10-11pm PDT
  • Nanaimo 11-12pm PDT
  • Surrey 12-1:30am PDT

Saturday June 16th

  • PEI 5:30-7am ADT
  • St. Johnís 7:30-8:30am NDT
  • Halifax 8-9am ADT
  • Quebec 8-9am EDT
  • Montreal 9-10am EDT
  • Ottawa 10-11am EDT
  • Regina 10-11am CST
  • Kingston 12-1pm EDT
  • Toronto 1-2pm EDT
  • Parry Sound 2-3pm EDT
  • Thunder Bay 3-4pm EDT
  • Winnepeg 3-4pm CDT
  • Saskatoon 3-4pm CST
  • Moncton 7-8pm ADT
  • Moose Jaw 5-6pm MDT
  • Edmonton 6-7pm MDT
  • Calgary 7-8pm MDT
  • Prince George 7-8pm PDT
  • Burnaby 8-9pm PDT
  • North Shore 9-10pm PDT
  • Vancouver 10-11pm PDT
  • Victoria 11-12am PDT

Hope you can come out and join us! Feel free to bring any friends or family, cameras, costumes or whatever.

As a note for some of the non-regulars who might join us, dogs are not permitted inside the field fence at Burnaby Lake Sports Complex West.

Also there's a Facebook event for the Burnaby portion which you can use to invite people if you want: https://www.facebook.com/events/327473540664293/

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